Michael Hünerbein
born in Essen, Germany


Current appointment

Professor of surgery
vice chairman
Dept of Surgery and Surgical Oncology
Helios Hospitals
Berlin, Germany







University Bochum, chemistry

University Cologne, medicine

University Heidelberg, medicine

University College and National Medical Laser Institute, London

M.D. thesis


“Optimization of photodynamic diagnosis and therapy by enhancement of tumour selctivity and improved diagnosis with 111 In porphyrins
Dept. of Surgery, University of Heidelberg and National Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg (magna cum laude)


surgical training


since 1992

Dept. of Surgery, University of Heidelberg (Prof. Dr. C. Herfarth)

Dept. of Surgery band Surgical Oncology, Charité, Campus Buch Humboldt university Berlin (Prof. Dr. P.M. Schlag)

1998-1999 Dept. of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery, Charité, Campus Virchow Klinikum (Prof. Dr. N.P. Haas)


Board certification

2000 General Surgery


academic carrer


Ph.D. degree and appointment as assiociate professor
Thesis: Improvement of surgical therapy planning of gastrointestinal tumors by new endosonographic techniques and staging laparoscopy


election as successor of Prof. Dr. B.C. Manegold, Dept of Surgery, University of Mannheim (declined)


head of the center of excellence for surgical endoscopy and approval as instructor by the German Society of Surgery


head of the center of excellence for surgical ultrasound and approval as instructor by the German Society of Surgery


appointment as professor of surgery , Charite University of medicine


vice chairman
Dept. of Surgery and Surgical Oncology
Charite Campus Buch and Helios Hospital
Unversity of medicine
Berlin, Germany


clinical interests

- Surgical Oncology
- Endoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgery
- Ultrasound and Endosonography
- Interventional Procedures


scientific interests

- Computer assisted Surgery
- Combined Endoscopic-Laparoscopic Approaches
- Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery
- postoperative endoscopic Management of Complication
- Fluorescence imaging of tumors
- 3D/4D Ultrasound
- Telemedicine


Awards and honors


Poster award: German society for endoscopy and imaging
Staging of gastrointestinal tumors by laparoscopy and laparoscopic ultrasonography
M. Hünerbein, B. Rau, P. Hohenberger, P.M. Schlag


Best Abstract award: Three country ultrasound meeting
3D- ultrasound in oncology
M. Hünerbein, C. Below, P.M. Schlag


Kretztechnik Clinical 3D-Contest
Superiority of 3D-ultrasonography in the diagnosis of a pseudarthrosis of the sternum
M. Hünerbein


Medison Research Award
3D-ultrasonography in surgery: development and evaluatuion of examination protocols, surgical applications and tele-ultrasonography.
M. Hünerbein, T.Handke, G.Graschew


Poster award: German society of endoscopy and imaging
3D-ultrasound cholangiography: prospective comparison with ERCP and MRCP
M.Hünerbein, C Stroszczynski, C.Ulmer, T.Handke, R. Felix, P.M. Schlag


Mickulicz Radecki award for endoscopic surgery: German society of surgery
Improved preoperative planning of surgical therapy in gastrointestinal tumors by endoscopic ultrasound and staging laparoscopy.
M. Hünerbein


Poster of distinction award: Society of American gastrointestinal endoscopic surgeons.
On demand endosnography of upper GI tract cancer using miniprobes or endoscopic ultrasound.
M. Hünerbein, C.Ulmer, P.M. Schlag


Karl Storz Poster award: German Society of Surgery
Staging of esopgageal and gastric cancer with mini-EUS and linear array EUS


Travel grant of the German society of surgery to the congress of the Japanese surgical society


Helios innovation award
Treatment of anastomotic leaks after esophagectomy with self expanding plastic stents
M. Hünerbein, P. M. Schlag


Poster award: Int. Sarcoma Meeting, Stuttgart
Sonographic vacuum assisted biopsy: A new technique for preoperative biopsy of soft tissue sarcoma.
J. Jakob, M. Hünerbein, P.U. Tunn, W.Schneider, P.M. Schlag


Pilot Grant Award, 5 th International Symposium on Intraductal Approach to Breast Cancer
Ductoscopic biopsy and ductoscopy navigated minimal invasive therapy of intraductal breast lesions
M. Hünerbein


Video award: German Society of Surgery
sakroabdominal rectal resection
B. Rau, S. Eulenstein, S. Beller, M. Hünerbein


Scientific award of the German society of ultrasound in medicine
Development and validation of a system for 3d ultrasound navigated liver resections
S.S. Chopra, M. Hünerbein, S. Eulenstein, T. Lange, P.M. Schlag, S. Beller


Fresenius innovation award
Fluorescence guided sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer
C. Hirche, M. Hünerbein


Poster award, Society of North western German Sugeons
Sentinel node detection in gastrointestinal Tumors using ICG fluorescence
S. Kneif, C. Hirche, Z. Mohr, M. Hünerbein


Karl Storz award, CAES, German Society of Surgery
Ultrasound guided vacuum biopsy: a new minimal invasive method for diagnosing soft tissue tumors
Z. Mohr, C. Hirche, S. Kneif, M. Hünerbein

2011 Poster award,Society of North western German Sugeons
Feasibility of a delayed hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in the event of unexpected complications
Z. Mohr, C.Hirche, B. Rau, M. Hünerbein


editorial board membership and reviewer

since 1995

Reviewer: Endoscopy

since 1998

Reviewer: Der Chirurg

since 2002

Editorial Board: World J Surg Oncology


Reviewer: European Journal of Ultrasound


Grant referee : Scottish Hospital Endowments Research Trust (SHERT)

since 2005

Reviewer: International Journal of Colorectal Diseases


Reviewer: Ph.D. Comittee University of Odense, Dänemark


membership in professional societies

since 1996

German Society of Surgery (DGC)

since 2002

Surgical Society for Endoscopy and Ultrasound (CAES)

since 1999

German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM)

since 2001

Surgical Society for Computer–assisted Surgery (CTAC)

since 2002

German Society for Visceral Surgery (DGVC)

since 2003

German Society for Endoscopy and Imaging (DGEBV)

since 2004

Germman Society for Surgical Oncology (CAO-V)

since 2007

German Surgical Society for Minimal Invasive Surgery (CAMIC)

since 2007

European association of endoscopic surgeons (EAES)